Call for support for Li Li Leung new USA Gymnsatics CEO

By Brad Harris, 02/19/19, 8:15PM EST

Region 8 Membership and Families, 

We’d like to begin by saying that our hearts are broken for all of those that have suffered and continue to suffer due to the disgusting malpractice of Larry Nassar. The entire gymnastics community shares in your pain and prays that you find closure and peace in the upcoming months and years.

As much we grieve for the survivors, we also feel a profound sadness for those of “US” associated with USA Gymnastics that had nothing to do with the evil acts that Nassar carried out for all of those years but have also been seriously affected. When we say “US”, we mean the amazing volunteers that represent our States, Regions and Country on committees. The countless hours that go into organizing State, Regional and National competitions, training camps for our athletes and educational opportunities for our pro-members is admirable to say the least and for that we thank you ALL.

“US” is also the thousands of dedicated club owners and coaches that give so much in an attempt to use the wonderful sport of gymnastics to teach our students all of the life lasting lessons that youth sports have to offer.

The work of the parent organizations, clubs and NAWGJ Officials that run gymnastics invitationals all around the United States is “US” and you continue to amaze as we go through our current competitive season! The competitions that we have attended over the years and continue to attend are spectacular showcases of what a wonderful opportunity gymnastics provides for our young and aspiring athletes. The energetic environment, enthusiasm and joy that coincide with these events is phenomenal!

“US” is the undeniably amazing and supportive parents that fill the clubs of Region 8 and trust us with their children. They too see the overwhelmingly positive aspects of the sport and for that we are  grateful.

Today USA Gymnastics named our new President and CEO. The Region 8 Committee welcomes Ms. Leung and fully supports her moving forward. A quote from her letter to the gymnastics membership and  community stated ” If I have one ask of you, our members, it would be to judge us on our response, judge us on our actions going forward. We will learn from the past and and look to the future to heal and rebuild.” It is our hope that each and every one of us will acknowledge her request and do our best to fulfill it. In doing so, our hope is that we can all come out these trying times in a positive manner. 


The Region 8 Committee

Brad Harris 
Tampa Bay Turners
Region 8 JO Chairman

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