Letter For Opening

I have received direct word from Governor Lee’s office that with the exception of facilities in the below listed counties, gymnastics gyms will be allowed to reopen on Monday May 4th.

I have attached the pertinent regulatory guidance from both the State of Tn and the CDC. I want you to please note the differences in the items that are required (say you must do…) and the ones that are recommended. Recommendations are just that, not commands. Please read all documents thoroughly. And document the time and date you conduct any required items in case you are asked about them at a later date.

I would hope that all will approach this reopening with a methodical, well planned out and documented process that follows the requirements and recommendations as closely as possible. We have sold ourselves the Governor as an example of the most discipled and conscientious of all youth sports programs and we as an industry should strive to protect and enhance that reputation.

In addition, I am asking that all refrain from questioning other’s businesses and their implementation of their reopening plan on public forums such as Face Book and Instagram. Now is the time to put aside competitive differences between rival businesses for the good of all. If you have a issue, contact the owner involved and express your concerns to them directly. It is my belief that we all will have plenty to tend to within our own gyms and we should concentrate on implementing our own plans are as opposed to worrying about what someone else may or may not be doing.

The following counties (and all facilities located within them) are under the authority of their individual County / City officials and local Health Departments: Shelby, Madison, Davidson, Hamilton, Knox, and Sullivan.

This release DOES NOT apply to gyms within these areas. I will be contacting gyms in these counties individually to begin coordinating with their local officials in an effort to allow them to reopen with the same guidelines as the rest of the State in the next few days.

We all owe a debt of thanks to Tim Richards of Let It Shine Gymnastics, who was the point man on the effort to secure our release from the mandatory closure orders. Without his vision and contacts, we may very well all still be closed. I would also like to thank Ken Harris of ETC and Scott Webster of Harpeth Gymnastics for their work on establishing guidelines and plans we can ALL live with while we try to reopen our businesses. We are lucky to have them both in this community. I have asked all three for their individual “Reopening” plans to share with other gyms and I will be happy to make mine available to anyone who requests it as well.

In closing I wish you all well, stay safe and let’s get ready for next season!
Larry P. Corrigan
TN SACC 2231 – H Madison St.
Clarksville, Tn 37043
(931) 206-6054

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