Tennessee State Newsletter (Summer 2017)

Tennessee State Committee For Women’s Gymnastics

Larry Corrigan SACC CEGC CegcCoach1@cs.com
Sibby Lane SJD TN NAWJG sibbylane@gmail.com
Keith Eldred Zone 5 SEGA Keitheldred1@gmail.com
Mark Crider Zone 5 Glory j.markcrider@yahoo.com
Shenette Gavi Zone 4 CEGC Shenettegavi@yahoo.com
Bob Valley Zone 4 The Master’s Bob@mastersgym.com
Matt Baker Zone 3 LIS iammattbaker@comcast.net
Ginger Raines Zone 3 Intrigue ginger@intriguegym.com
Lea Wampler Zone 2 Premier Knoxville lwampler@premierathletics.com
Jeana Rodgers Zone 2 Premier Knoxville jeanalanerogers@gmail.com
Adam Byrd Zone 1 GCC gccgym04@aol.com
Tracy Counts Zone 1 Gymnastics Counts gymnasticscounts@gmail.com

JO Fund Fee & The State Championships

The 2016 -2017 Season marked my 10 th year serving as the TN State Administrative Committee Chair. During that time, many things have changed. The number of gymnasts in the State has almost doubled while the number of level 10s has almost tripled. We’ve seen the TN Prep Op program grow into first the Regional, and now the National Xcel Program. We’ve also seen a new focus on athlete safety and welfare with the advent of the Safe Sport Initiative, that while brought about by horrible circumstances, will make our clubs better, our gymnasts stronger, and our sport safer.

Looking ahead, the 2017-2018 season will see one of the things I’ve worked toward for more than 10 years come to fruition. The elimination of the “JO Fund” or “Regional Apparel fund”.

When I was the zone 4 representative on the Administrative Committee and Bob Valley was the SACC, we proposed that the State host the State Championship meets in the middle of the State. Last year, after more than 10 years of effort, the State hosted both the Compulsory and the Optional State Meets. The profit from the meets will allow us to administer the State, continue to fund the apparel for our regional qualifiers and do away with the $15.00 / gymnast apparel fund fee. I’m proud of how far we’ve come and excited about what the future holds for TN Gymnastics.

Tennessee Hall of Fame & Gymnast of the Year

The hallmark of every professional organization is the recognition of the contributions of the best of its members. With that in mind, at the next scheduled committee meeting I will be asking the committee to approve an initiative that will formalize the nomination, selection, and presentation of members of the TN Gymnastics Hall of Fame. The Hall was started by Larry Denham and includes the below listed Members:

Sibby Lane (J)
Phil Savage (C)
Gene Alexin (C)
Doug Ashmore (J)
Bob Murphy (C)
Lucy Weiner-Fox (A)
Mike Matzek (A)

In addition to formalizing the Hall of Fame, I will be asking the committee to approve adding JO gymnasts to the hall of fame. I will be conducting a survey to determine what historical athletes we should consider adding prior to moving forward with yearly additions of new members. In addition, I would like to announce the creation of a new yearly award. The Ozone Gymnast of the year. In cooperation with Ozone Leotards this award will be presented to the top L10 senior division Athlete in the State beginning with the 20117-2018 season.

Tennessee Website

The Tennessee State Website is currently undergoing a complete overhaul. Please continue to check www.tnusag.org on a regular basis for important information on the happenings in the State. The 2017-2018 State calendar will be posted. If you have additions or alterations to the Tennessee State Calendar or to the Tennessee Club Listing please email Larry Corrigan @ CegcCoach1@cs.com.

Meet Directors

Tennessee Meet Directors are reminded to follow the guidelines listed below after each USAG sanctioned competition:

  1. Regional Apparel Fee for Meets Held in Tennessee – A Regional Apparel Fee of $2.00 per gymnast that competed in the meet. Make check payable to TN-SACC.
  2. Sanction Report Form – The form must be signed by the meet director and have an accurate count of the number of competitors.
  3. Meet Results – Please forward a complete. ptf or .csv file to CegcCoach1@cs.com  following completion of your meet.

State High Performance Clinic

TN Gymnastics will be hosting the 2nd annual Optional High Performance Clinic at CEGC in Clarksville TN will be held December 8 -10. Guest Coaches & Judges include Ray and Joan Gnat from ACE Gymnastics and Brad Harris from Tampa Bay Turners. Details and schedules to follow soon!

Optional State Meet Information

The Optional State Championships (Levels XG – XD & L6-L10) will be held at the March 16-18, 2018 at the APSU Dunn Center in Clarksville, TN. Entry Fee will remain $98.00, Team Entry $60.00 and the senior Recognition Program will be immediately following awards after the final session on Saturday.

Compulsory State Meet Information

The Compulsory State Championships (Levels XB&XS & L2-L5) will be held at the March 23-24, 2018 at the APSU Dunn Center in Clarksville, TN. Entry Fee will remain $98.00, Team Entry $60.00.

General Rules for the 2017-2018 Year

  • State Meet Admission Fees (cash only)
    • Adult: (ages 16+) $10.00; Children (ages 6-15yrs) $5.00; Children 5 & under are free
    • Weekend Passes: (Cash Only) Requires wearing of a plastic wristband
      Adult: (ages 16+) $15.00; Children (ages 6-15yrs) $10.00; Children 5 & under are free
  • State Meet Judges
    • 2 judge panel will be used for Compulsory State Meet
    • 4 judge panel will be used for Optional State Meet.
  • Declaration Dates, Qualification Dates and State Meet Entry Dates
    • All declaration dates will be 4 weeks prior to State Meet
      Friday, February 16, 2018 for Optional
    • All Qualification dates will be 2 weeks prior to the State Meet
      Friday March 2, 2018 for Optional
  • All State meet entry dates will be 4 weeks prior to the State Meet (entries must be electronically to CegcCoach1@cs.com)
    Midnight Friday, February 16, 2018 for Optionals
    All requests for late entries must be sent to and approved by the SACC. Requests must include a check for the entry fee plus the late fee made out to the TN Gymnastics.
  • All gymnasts that fail to qualify for the State Meet are guaranteed a full refund of the State Meet entry fee.
  • Out of State Meet Scores
    • Are the responsibility of the individual coaches
    • Are due to the SACC 4 weeks prior to the State Meet, with the exception of
      those meets held within 4 weeks of the State Meet
    • Are charged a $25 late fee per gymnast if the scores are submitted late.
  • State Meet Qualification Scores
    • Level 4, Xcel – Compete All Around in one TN sanctioned meet
    • Level 5 – 28.00 AA
    • Level 6,7,8 – 30.00 AA
    • Level 9,10 – 32.00AA
  • State meet entry fees are $98.00 for all State meets.

State Administrative Committee Elections

The call for nominations for the State Administrative committee has gone out. Nominations should be emailed to CegcCoach1@cs.com. Nomination period will close 31 July 2017. State Administrative Committee elections will run from 1 August 2017 through 14 August 2017.

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